Getting a spray tan for the first time! Here everything you should know.

Have you never taken a spray tan appointment before and got naked so they can shower your whole body with a brown earthy-colored fluid? If not, there is nothing to be scared about, as you might think. However, there are a couple of helpful things, like what those tacky feet are for. Read further and get a better understanding of what we are talking about.

1. The best thing to do is to show up at your luxury tanning salon for your spray tan appointment without applying foundation or moisturizer on your body. You can also take off your makeup there, as most salons will give face wipes. Use those make face wipes to eliminate any deodorant or antiperspirant, which may act as an issue in your spray tan process.

2. You should get undressed entirely while the spray tan specialist waits outside the room of your spas in hampton va. If you wish, you can keep your shorts on. However, we’d suggest picking something that is minimal clothing, similar to a thong, as you’ll be left with white fixes under the covered part of your body. Take off all the jewelry and accessories.  

3. First and foremost, thong or disposable jeans, which you can wear home for ease. Then, a turban or hair net to secure your locks, and no matter how weird you feel, keep your ears out. Finally, tacky feet for you to step onto help you try not to get the tan on your soles.

4. The spray tan professional should ask your requirement of how deep you want the tan to be. This is your opportunity to clarify what you like; you could reference a celeb or show them an image of how you want your tan to look on vacation. It helps them to know the event your spray tan is for, for example, if it’s a 10-day occasion, you might need to get a darker shade, so it endures longer, or if it’s for a wedding tomorrow, you might need to remain lighter, so it looks natural.

5. When you are in the middle of the spray tan procedure, the specialist will typically begin by applying the tan solution, scattered through a shower gun, to your face. It is advised to take a full breath and close your eyes as it is freezing.

6. Though each specialist tans in a unique way, they usually work their way down the body doing the front first and afterward your back when they may request that you fit your bum out. Do not worry about it; it’s only, so there are no white patches. You’ll also be asked to hook your hands to get between knuckle wrinkles.

7. Follow the directions strictly on the most proficient way to stand. It very well may be an instance of “left arm up, right arm down while you twist your knees” at certain times; however, while you may feel senseless, it’s not difficult to follow. Two all-over layers are standard. However, once more, this differs.…